Horse Boxes

At PJ Equine Services we specialise in both horsebox and motor sport vehicle conversions. The business initially was dedicated to horse transport and other equestrian related services along with repairs and alterations to horseboxes and trailers. As the transport became busier Paul adapted and redesigned his own horse box to ensure the journey for both horse and driver was both comfortable and more importantly safe. The ideas and designs progressed from this point and as anyone who has ever transported horses will appreciate, the more comfortable the horse the less likelihood of problems occurring.

As a result of this background we understand the importance of quality, price, safety and weight. We also carry out a wide range of services for trailers too, from servicing and safety inspections down to fitting tie rings or fitting new floors.

For those looking to do a DIY project themselves we are happy to offer help and advice and can supply anything from a tie ring to a partly built horsebox to meet your requirements. Equally we can construct a luxury horsebox to your own specifications and budget, all with you and your horse in mind.

Please contact us by phone, email or simply call in for a chat to discuss how we can help you. If you have time take a look at the gallery to see some of the previous projects undertaken.

Horse boxA refurbished horse box vanPJ Equine Horse Box CustomisationHorse box with steps